Ecnon 3° ranked at: Literature Boys' Award 2012

The illustrations I've made for the book "Ecnon" published by "Coccole e Caccole" and written by Andrea Biscaro won the third place at the IX edition of the illustrators competition that takes place in parallel with the 33 edition of the "Literature Boys' Award 2012".

• The link to Book Trailer

• The cover of the book

Copertina Ecnon

The village

Giovanni al villaggio

Inn and leaves

 locanda e foglie 

• A pile of sand

mucchio di sabbia

• The Crow

il corvo

• The citywall

le mura

• A New day

nuovo giorno

• Ecnon...


• Into the legend


• Some pictures of the exhibition and the event

il premio

Some pictures of the exhibition of the award.

la mostra

la consegna del premio

foto di gruppo

foto di gruppo 2